HBL began as the sales and service extension of two major label manufacturers with worldwide capacity, producing a wide range of products in woven, printed labels and trims. Since that time HBL has rapidly emerged as fully independent producer of not only of these products, but a wide range of consumer product packaging solutions as well.


Even with a monthly capacity to make over twenty million labels, we never lose sight of our most important goal to consistently provide outstanding customized solutions for your brand identification.


HBL’s long held partnerships have built an extensive network of the finest manufacturing facilities in both China and Bangladesh. Our overseas staff, which include former factory managers and buyers possess an intricate knowledge of the supply chains, customs, relationships, and other considerations to "make it happen" for your company.


It is no wonder that in only a few years HBL has grown into a formidable player in the industries we serve. We understand the importance of onsite experience and knowledge from initial concept through execution to manufacture and final distribution. It’s what sets us apart from our competitors making HBL an excellent choice for your business.


HBL, put our experience to work for you.